Darrin Bradbury

I actually have Darrin Bradbury to thank for planting the idea in my head to create a website. I don’t know if he’ll remember this, but I do. One night about a year or so ago, we were at The Basement East in Nashville, just hanging out and shooting the shit after his set. I had just been fired from my job of 14 years; feeling distraught with nowhere to turn. I had no clue where to go from there. Darrin knows how passionate I am about music so he asked if starting a website or music blog would be an option. I must admit, the idea had crossed my mind a time or two, but never something I actively pursued.

After seeing Darrin and other great East Nashville artists night after night after night, I knew I had to find some kind of platform to get their names out there. Thanks to a few special people who believed in me and tirelessly helped out, I was able to make it happen. I’m looking at you, Elaine Sigman, Rune Letrud and Poncho Stevens.

Darrin has been a favorite of mine since the very day I walked into The 5 Spot with maybe 12 people in attendance. He had long hair, a trucker hat, cut-off jean shorts and was wearing flip flops. He eventually kicked them off and performed the rest of the show in his bare feet; something several artists do there. His songwriting and storytelling is what stood out the most to me. I’m now lucky to call this brilliant man my friend. He’s a label mate on the co-artist record label, Cafe Rooster Records and has went on tour with Margo Price and will be hitting the road with Elizabeth Cook at the end of October starting on the 23rd.

I try not to do the comparison thing, but if you love John Prine’s style of songwriting, Darrin will be just as pleasing to your ears. Here’s a few videos I’ve taken of him in the past. Dive in. He’s so good, guys.