Sturgill Simpson Karaoke

Two years ago today, Sturgill Simpson scheduled a two-night run at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. He was sick from allergies on the first night and was unable to perform to the best of his ability. Instead of canceling the show altogether, he invited anyone on stage who knew the words to his songs. While many fell short, there was something about Kristi Dixon I knew would stand out above the others. It was the only video I took that night and it still makes me smile just as much now as it did two years ago.

I had no idea who Kristi was, but she tracked me down a few months later to thank me for taking the video and now we’re good friends. Many people were pissed off at Sturgill, some even throwing their ticket stubs on stage even though he offered a refund AND rescheduled an additional free show to anyone who held onto their ticket stubs. For me –  it will always be a special night that I’ll relive every year thanks to facebook memories. I ain’t mad at ya, Sturgill.