Zach Schmidt

“Your car kind of smells like my Grandma.”

That is a quote from Pittsburgh native (now Nashville local) Zach Schmidt to a well-known local celebrity after valet parking his car and I love him for it.

Zach Schmidt…Ol’ Schmidty. He’s one of the nicest in Nashville and another favorite from The 5 Spot. And just like with everyone else, my discovery took place in 2015.

I think I took in about twenty-something shows of his in a little under a year and each night offered something different. One week it would be Zach solo, the next week it would be with Adam “Ditch” Kurtz on the peddle steel, the next week he was full-band, the week after that, his beautiful girlfriend, Jackie Berkley joined him on vocals. But if there was one consistent thing about his music, you can almost always catch him playing his Sunday night set at Santa’s Pub when he’s not on tour.

When I see Zach out and about in Nashville, whether it’s at his show or someone else’s, he’ll pull up a chair to my table and we’d catch up for as long as time will allow. No matter how bad I’m feeling at the time, I can always count on Zach to have a funny joke or story to tell and my night is instantly better just by running into him. Always.

His album, “The Day We Lost The War” (featuring Aaron Lee Tasjan on guitar throughout) was one of my favorites of 2016 and just recently celebrated its first year. The whole album is outstanding, but “Just One More” and “Buried In Burgundy” are two standout tracks for me. I’ve been fortunate to hear some of his new material that will go on his next album and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

Here’s a photo I took at Zach’s album release party at Imogene + Willie last year. It’s a cell phone photo, but it’s a photo that brings back so many great memories. I love these two! (Aaron Lee Tasjan and Zach Schmidt)

Last year he toured non-stop and even opened a few dates for another favorite of mine, The Devil Makes Three. Good for him, but bad for me because it took him away from Nashville for a bit. I’m so proud of this guy and everything he’s accomplished since knowing him. Nothing but good things coming his way. Go check out his tunes and support the good guys!